the greatest girl in the world. She's the hottest, nicest, koolest, and sexiest girl ever.
Keli makes me horny
by ryan April 25, 2004
Some dumb bitch that needs to die.

All her songs suck. Who ever produced "bossy" is an idiot, it sounds like my retarded uncle got hold of "the wrong stuff" and recorded himself playing my little brothers casio keyboard.

Seriously you dumb fucks need to listen to some good music. (rock, classical, and some other stuff)not that god awful rnb shit that you people call music. 90% of rap is shit too. The only hiphop I would consider listening to is JayZ, DJ Danger Mouse, Dead Prez, and Jurassic 5.

I hope you die and have a nice day.
Hitler had the right idea he was just an under achiever.
-- Bill Hicks
by udon'tneedtoknow July 17, 2006
Male: A verson of the God of Death, or a great stratagest.

ecample: Man we're in need of a Keli, or we'll so dead.
Man we're in need of a Keli, or we'll so dead.
by Ricoh March 08, 2005
is short for 'Kelichiwa' after the famous Japanese female sushi making Samurai fighter pilot. She is also known as grasshopper to her KungFu buddies.
Waaaaaaa that Keli is undefeatable!!!
by kris-kel-oe August 03, 2009
Crazy, big titted, awesome, drunk girl that can totally hold her liquor. She's nice, but when she loves you you get the best sex in the world. She loves herself a good time.
Keli's such a good stripper!
by xellix August 29, 2011
A talented R'n'B singer who has a soulful, husky voice and has tried many different genres over her long career. Although all other definitions on Urban Dictionary are from dipshits from 2004 who had just discovered the Internet, had some irrational vendetta against R'n'B and rap and only have the mental ability to remember one song (Milkshake), Kelis has managed to sustain a career, battled through a rocky marriage, given birth and dived into her passion for cooking, as well as having a handful of hits such as Acapella or Trick Me and has probably one of the most memorable voices in the industry.
Don't knock Kelis' music until you try it.
by _robbiec_ May 25, 2014
Slang for home in Spanish
Lets have a party at my keli tonight
by D the Dirty May 31, 2007
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