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an amazingly hott, sexy, funny, weird, cool, nice, sweet, outragous,lovable, considerable, extrordinary, rare, fantastic, most perfectest girl in the world!!!!!
wow look at that keli, wat a piece of art work!
by austin January 25, 2004
artist responsible for the musical abomination "milkshake". She is clearly untalented, but her tits make up for it.
(kelis sings)

if you want to keep doing that the shirt has to go
by ... January 20, 2004
Would be beautiful naked
Keli, you gotta show me them tittays girl!
by Someone February 15, 2005
A sloppy mess of an "artist" (did you see the Clipse video??) who should be a has been, but the only reason any gives a rats ass about her is because shes with Nas. Once again adding credence to the old addage, it's not who you know, but who you blow
Yo, I can't believe that chick lost all that weight, she just pulled a Kelis
by JohnnyBravo November 24, 2003
an artist that has no idea what the hell she is writing about. milkshakes be the suck, yo.
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
the name of some stupid idiot who sings about her tits... actually i wouldn't call it singing because of her scratchy voice
my milkshakes bring all teh boiiis 2 teh yard.... SHUTUP BITCH, MINE MAKE THEM JUMP THE FENCE
by matt March 06, 2004
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