1) Popular Assamese swear word, literally meaning dick. As with most swear words, can be used for abusing an enemy, addressing a friend, for emphasizing a part of a sentence or expressing general emotion.

2) Non derogatory reference to people from Assam, generally used by other people from India. This usage stems from the apparent inability of Assamese people to complete a sentence, without using the word 'kela'
"Oi kela, ki kori aaso baal?" ...meaning "Hey kela! What are you doing man? "

"Kela logon ka party kahan hain be?" ...Hindi for "Where are the kela Assamese guys partying?"
by Modahi September 03, 2009
Top Definition
origin: assamese. language.(india)..a multipurpose word that can be used to express ones feelings of different sort...in different moments..to increase the gravity of the situation
anger..what would u do kela, kela...u bitch
exclaimation..oye kela!!
Fear..what will i do now kela..
love. n emotioms..i love you kela,you are my best friend kela
sadness..i failed kela
by assamese_punk September 14, 2010
A beautiful sweet girl. The best friend you will ever have. The most interesting conversation u will ever have. She will comfort you while making you laugh.
"did u see that girl shes so nice, i guess shes a Kela"
by sunflower90 December 30, 2011
An assamese slang to address a buddy
oi kela, ki khabar? (meaning: hey buddy, what's up?)
by Biswa September 24, 2007

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