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Keita Tachibana is the lead singer of Japanese pop group w-inds.; he has a 5-7 octave range, plays around 5 instruments and is an all round sexy beast. Word.
Damn, that Keita Tachibana is one hot piece of man flesh.
by Aya February 19, 2005
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Keita Tachibana is 1/3 of the popular Japanese boyband w-inds. Born 16/18/85, he is most known for his good looks and amazing vocal range. Keita recently debuted solo with a song named Michisirube of which he wrote the lyrics himself. His passions include playing piano & guitar, soccer, singing, eating meat and working out. Keita has said he dislikes slutty girls who wear clothes that reveal all, speed dating and untidiness.
"...and Keita Tachibana was looking all gorgeous and oozing smex at the concert"
#keita #tachibana #keita tachibana #japanese #boyband #w-inds #michisirube
by Mrs Tachibana September 22, 2006
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