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Noun, The guy in prison that keeps stuff (sometimes cell-made weapons) up his ass for safe storage.
"I don't remember which keister bunny has my 2 dollars, but I'll probably never get it back now"
prison guy1: "I made a knife out of the end of my toothbrush"

prison guy2: "Where is it?"

prison guy1: "I gave it to the keister bunny in cell 5"
by Jeff S. May 29, 2005
35 7
one who smuggles drugs up the ass into a prison.
the keister bunny made a visit to my cell today.
by AMOK594 February 07, 2008
10 7
Urban legend: An imaginary entity/being not unlike Santa Claus or The Tooth Fairy who visits faggots when they're sleeping, takes their ass cherry and then leaves them a shiny new quarter.
A. "Look at THAT fucking fruitloop."
B. "What...he's GAY?"
A. "If that guy didn't get a visit from the Keister Bunny, then I don't know who did..."
by WillHigh April 17, 2008
13 19
(noun); a fictitious and raunchy character that appears during Easter and is known for perverse behavior and grabbing ass.
"It appears that you have been goosed by The Keister Bunny, Bill.."
by Wenatchee Guy March 22, 2008
3 9