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an old irish slang term for town drunk, also a common irish last name.
no one wanted to invite the kehoe to the party because they knew he would drink all their booze
by dontwantmynameontheinternet March 27, 2008
An Irish family name, sometimes spelled, "Keogh". A fairly common name in Waterford and Wexford counties in Ireland.

Friends of people with the surname "Kehoe" call them Kehoe in leiu of their given first name. They are known to be chill and funny people that are loyal to their friends while at the same time, tend to hold grudges like no other.
"Who's coming to the party tonight?"

"Mike, Jeff, and Kehoe is bringing the beer!"
Basically means to fail at something.
You really kehoed that test up and got a F.
by Ha Sueng Jun June 05, 2013
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