To pull someone's trousers and/or underwear down.
"Argh! You just kegged me!" *pulls trousers up again*
by Shtinky Malinky October 12, 2005
A woman who is full of beer and is promiscuous
Steve tapped Lisa like the keg that she is.
by weak sauce 05 June 26, 2005
1) to pull sum1s trousers dwn to the amusement of every apart frm th trouser wearers
2) to describe sumthin crap
did you see charles shoot in that match, it was a keg effort.
by kenyan September 13, 2007
Someone with a beer-gut.
Is the shape of (& sometimes is said to have the mental capacity of) a Keg.
& Keg (Jamie Booth) is no exception!
"Look at that fat,dosile Keg".
"Im not into that kind of thing Keg".
by Nigel, Brad & Boris June 01, 2004
girls ass
i wanna tap that ass like a keg
by Jon Holz May 20, 2004
Slang for faeces
"He dropped a keg"
by K-man September 11, 2003
A world-wide "operation" and goal in which people have come together in order to fight off the perverted homo sexuals that plague the earth. KEG stands for "Kill Every Gay".
I believe in KEG because I know my rights from wrongs.

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