a fat persons bouncy belly
U got a 6 pack huh,well i got a keg :)
by Lets Eat Grenades April 22, 2011
1) To keg; pulling down ones trousers in order for them to be humiliated, usually done by a male to another male.
2) To be kegged; Ones trousers are pulled down and they receive social embarrassment.
Not to be confused with double keg which is to pull someones pants down and their underwear, exposing genitals and forcing the victim to depart, along with their pride and dignity.
1) John kegged Steve. Steve is now a social outsider.
2)Steve was kegged by John.
by TwentyOne-HD February 11, 2013
A person whose body shape resembles that of a keg/beer barrel - a waist almost as large as their height.
Wow look at amy, she is such a keg!

Dan just used to be a little chubby, now he's a full blown keg!
by BadmanTing March 30, 2012
Khristian extremist group
Basicly we are not christians and the only motto is to get drunk and do what ever you like! useually christained by a spit cross to the fore head
He in K.E.G him!
by 3ury+hMicz May 06, 2005
A variation of kankles (Calves that become feet without taking an ankle break.) only Kegs are void of ankles or calves, they are simply BIG OL' LEGS attached to the feet.
DAMN............ Dem aint Kankles, Dems KEGS!
by stingraytat2 November 30, 2009
Knackers, nads, testicles. (Poss Scottish.)
Ah didnae like his patter so he goat a boot in the kegs.
by cityboozer April 08, 2010
a small humanoid from the west midlands who hates cup-a-coup and loves snow boarding.
There's absolutely no way Kegs would fancy a cup-a-soup
by February 10, 2004

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