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to fall or collapse following a period of teetering
"For a moment it looked like my Jenga stack was going to survive that last piece I pulled, but then it keetered over with a hugh crash."
by Philosopher Eight December 19, 2008
Buzzkill, something that annoys you
"Wow that guy is such a keeter"
"This party is a keeter"
by 3mPATHy April 20, 2009
a woman with usually large breasts that has extremely wide nipples about the size of a rather large pepperoni most commonly found on black or italian women
I got his sisterd bra off last night and she had some of the biggest and nicest keeters I've ever seen I proceeded to cum all over them
by thtshitscrazy March 24, 2009
the fuzz in your kooter
After rolling around on the carpet, i had keeter
by The Virtual Lab April 20, 2005