An alternative version of the word kiss. Used to express a feeling of love.
I want to keesy you.

Keesies, plz.
by Sir Francis Drake March 26, 2007
Top Definition
A popular and ever-growing way of saying the word kiss.

It can be used in almost any situation and also an an interjection.
Keesies, plz.

Just keesy me you little wimp.

Keesy? Keesy!
by Sir Francis Drake March 16, 2008
A much better way to say kiss.

100% better.
"Keesy, baby!"
"Keesy keesy!"
by Sir Francis Drake March 03, 2007
Keesy is a word to describe someone of brilliance.

Woah, Keesy is a champ!
by Keesy August 15, 2007
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