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A really lovably, sweet-nature, down-to-earth girl.

They are typically small, fair skinned, dark hair and light colored eyes.
They're funny and most love anything Disney related.
You'll be lucky if you ever meet a girl named Keelin.
Guy 1: I absolutely love my girlfriend!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: She's so smart and she understands me.
Guy 2: What's her name?
Guy 1: Keelin.
Guy 2: Oh I see now.
by luckyman212 May 30, 2011
An amazing sexy person, cool, fun to be around, very funny, loved by alot.....

Good with the ladies, flirty, very horny, a confident person, loves to make people laugh, choosey about the people he surrounds himself with and also a very loving person.
keelin is so handsome
by jimchangwong764 May 04, 2011
Keelin means

Sexy, Reem (camels fanny), funny, Headbuts people whilst doing the angel lift in pe, Cool, Fit, Lovable.
wow, that girl over there, she is totally keelin, did you see her headbutt a girl in PE?
by MeghanAbsolutleyLovesKeelin November 29, 2011
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