chuckling at something funny. usually used when reacting to a flash cartoon/picture, or video

LMAO, keekles
by Alienbob July 16, 2004
Top Definition
Presumably from Genmay or forums, keekle is an abstraction of "kekekeke," a bastardization of Japanese sounding laughter. See also keeklet.
When I heard that hilarious Bananphone song, I couldn't help but keekle.
by AmicusCuriae December 29, 2004
bastardization of keke, which is a bastardization of hehe, which is more or less a chuckle. Used online and only online. Refer to rooflesfor more insight
OMG keekles!
by Derek November 26, 2003
When you try not to laugh and you smerk.
but you laugh a little bit and sounds like static.
by ..... October 22, 2003
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