A person who smokes drugs and drinks and cannot run from the cops
I have to go drag keegan out of jail

Keegan cannot run when drunk
by Ur best guy friend :) September 07, 2008
A huge, floppy, wierd-shapen and overly hairy penis.
Well dude, your dick may be bigger than mine, but at least I don't have a keegan.
by Johnny June 04, 2006
adjective (kee-gahn)
1. To be whipped so severely that anyone can tell you to do anything, and you will do it without hesitation
Girl: Bend over and shove this cucumber covered in melted kit-kat up your ass while reciting the german alphabet backwards.
Guy 1: (Complies)
Guy 2: Man, that guy is keegan'd.
by Rokrin October 05, 2008
A person who parties hard and has humiliating pictures taken of themselves while they are inebriated.
Person 1: "Dude, did you see all the photos from last night's party?"
Person 2: "Naw man, any funny ones?"
Person 1: "Oh definitely. This one guy pulled a fucking keegan and there are pictures of him deep-throating a 151 bottle."
Person 2: "Classic."
by mclovin101 November 27, 2009
A poor fuckin' ape who eats his own fuck. (fuck is a type of juice if you try hard enough.)
Hey, Keegan, your a fucking faggot!
by DickTitsMcgeeBobsaget SKRAM January 08, 2010
a large, funny shaped dick that is covered in hair, therefore making it look sort of like a canadian sasquatch
person one: look at my dick!
person two: no, i dont want to look at your disgusting keegan
by micheal mchendrikson October 03, 2006
adj. description of something or someone as super gay or extremely homosexual.

v. To be engaged in gay activities

Keegan stop being keegan.

That's so keegan.

Stop keeganing
by Keegan Redfern March 07, 2008

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