\keed\, Keede \Keede\ (Kuh=ed), n. Etymol. Stoned. To be under the influence of oishii cannibus sativa; Smoked a bowl, bongload, rip, blunt, j, joint, huka, bubbler, pipe, apple, alluminum(see crackhead.), beaverbong, one-hitter-quitter, KGB(see crystals.), roach, wackie tobackie, resin, mystry hit, or a dogbone.
Obs. ``A really high animinal or bean.'' Example. "Oh man im hella, and or heckuva(freak), keed." --Totemo oishii desu.
by Oishii Loops November 22, 2005
Top Definition
to joke; to be kidding. I'm kidding= I keed
"I keed, I keed, I just make a little joke" Triumph the insult comic dog
by stren November 14, 2003
A word to express that it's user is just joking or kidding around. See sike.
"Hey James, I had sex with your wife last night...KEED!"
by Rad The Don June 24, 2005
To understand or comprehend
"You're not responsible for Harold Lauder's actions, keed." - - Larry Underwood speaking to Francis Goldsmith - Stephen King's The Stand
by Mary L August 04, 2005
Keed, an Srilankan/Asian Rapper/Producer.
Keed Own XVX Record Label..
by paul990 May 14, 2009
1. a male who gets girls at the YMCA, blondes of course. 2. Huge.
did u see that Keed?
oh that kid with the blonde girl at the Y?
by Ah Baby April 14, 2010
a word superiors use to call 'kid'
look at that keed

dont u think ur a little too old to be playing that? prolly playing with the lil keeds
by shiny September 29, 2004
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