One or many scruffy suburban jewish kids who act like steryotypical jews.
Don't touch my money you fucking keeb.
by ZanderMac October 29, 2006
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to use lil jon words. act crazy scream alot. Get crunk.
Man that guy is so keebs
by LilJOnwhattt June 09, 2005
A rude word for someone.
Also a hobo who lives on clapham common who looks a lot like Jesus.
"Dude, your such a keeb!!"
"No, he's a keeb..." -Points at Jesus like hobo-
by MagicMushrooom September 23, 2009
to be totally cool. act like a true pimp
man that guy is frickin keebs
by LilJOnwhattt: July 12, 2005
to act crazy and crunk. Jump around scream Lil Jon.
Man that guys got keebs
by LilJOnwhattt June 09, 2005
a small turkish cow.
with six legs.
the meat used in keebabs
found in most chip shop
put the keeb in the bad you nut
by jester5000 January 23, 2007
someone who does not belong in a social group of people but still resides inside of it.
"That Timmy is such a keeb we shouldn't hang out with him any more"
by yodabeotch January 09, 2012
word used to describe drinking or to refer to alcohol itself. Also refered to as how drunk you were.
how keeb were you last night?
by iwassokeeblastnight February 06, 2011

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