(n.) Greasy turkish food that, unlike the north american 'taco' does not encourage rapid bowel movement, which in turn results in rapid foot movement to a sanitation area. Favoured by inhabitants of essex, England.
mmm, kebab!
by Gumba Gumba June 02, 2004
A penis, dick, cock, knob, fleh flute
jade is such a fuckn kebab muncher
by big kebab April 03, 2006
1)meaning "grilled or broiled meat". encased in pita bread with salad. a typically lebanese food group.
2)to piss tony off.
"hey tonyyyy, goin' to the kebab shop, uleh?"
by uleh December 06, 2005
Favoured delicacy of top Australian rapper Sickadash.
Sickadash: Get that kebab it give me the power, to take this shit into the final hour!
by HalfMerci April 09, 2003
Europes crappy excuse for a taco
Damn, that kebab is yummy.
by r3L4x September 30, 2003

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