the best lookin nigga you will every see. he got a big ole dick, they call him long john silvers. he is about 5'8 in stature but he has a huge heart and you will love him long time! he is the coolest guy you'll ever meet and easy to get along with, and he is dangerous in the bedroom. and he is always swagged out!
Jane: Daaaaaamn! Keaton got a big ass dick
Shela: I kno he's sooo fine!!!
by keatonmcneely October 25, 2011
Though usually a boy's name, when it is used as a girl's name the girl tends to be the best friend a girl can have, but some girls get jealous of her looks. Keaton is smart, funny, and VERY sexy. Though most are smart, some Keatons tend to be dumb, resulting in various acts of stupidity. They are the perfect girls.
" hey, who's that really hot girl????"

" Dude, that's Keaton! She's a ten!
by Mister Dave August 14, 2012
The best guy you will ever meet. He has perfect blue eyes. He second guesses himself even tho he's perfect. Usually only dates one girl for a long time and is very committed. He has the best friends ever. And he makes an amazing boyfriend. He's the best kisserrr ever. Anyone who meets him will fall in love with him right away.
Keaton's girlfriend: can I please have Keaton for the night? I want to me with him this time alone
Keaton's friends: no way! We get Keaton!
by Yassss September 15, 2014
A guy who is kind caring good lookin but finds it hard to pick up girls because he doesn't want to hurt them with a break up
Girl1:I bet Keaton wants to go out with you Girl2:probably,why doesn't he ask me out then Girl1:because he doesn't want to hurt you
by cooldude9+10 April 30, 2015
An awesome guy who usually has brown hair and gets all the girls. Everyone likes him and he has a red Ferarri.
"I have a Keaton!"
by iekdkdjdjsjjsjdjxnxnxxn November 06, 2014
To be a dick, and or a cunt
Tony was being a bit of a Keaton last weekend
by Jackooooo January 29, 2014
A complete, and unparalleled arrogant person who cannot seem to get over him/herself
John: Sup man, want to hang out?
Keaton: No, Im too cool bro
by loldom November 08, 2013

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