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A gaelic name meaning dark, or as beautiful as the sea.
Her name is Keara.

Ooooh amazing.
by kookamungah February 17, 2008
Someone who is caring, very willing to do anything for anybody, loved by everyone, strikingly beautiful, loud, fun, outgoing, and has the most wonderful life and and most amazing friends you'd be lucky to be one!!
by Gjkekj February 03, 2010
Traditional naitive american name meaning dark and beautiful.
The indian girl's name was Keara.
by nativepride64 April 17, 2010
A Canadian goddess, eh. The most beautiful girl in all of Saskatchewan. She wanders the wilderness naked and is a friend to all animals. Her lips taste of Molson, and her nipples produce pure maple syrup. When excited, her beaver gushes like Niagara - bring a poncho. She will sex you to death.
Terrence: "You see that beauty over that Philip?"
Philip: "You can't handle her jelly, Terrence! She's a Keara!"
by Loganberry's Red Room of Pain August 08, 2015
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