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A puncuation device native to the South American country Uruguay. It is the proper term of the conjuction of both an exclamation point and question mark. The keago is usually employed in situations that contain both a feeling of excitement or arousal as well as a sense of uncertainty or inquiry.
It is acceptable, however, discouraged to ignore assigning a priority to the question mark/exclamation point format. The placement of said grammatical tools should be deemed by both the level of excitement and the rhetorical value of the question. (see below)
Keago Assigning Priority:
You slept with my sister!? (explanation: The infuriated spouse is quite aware of her husband's extramarital affair with her sister, as she has just stumbled in upon them engaging in sexual intercourse in a musty Hotel 8 room, however she employs the question mark as a rhetorical device, so it proceeds the exclamation point. The priority is placed upon the exclamation point in this example because it is the dominant mood of setting.)

Where can I get synthetic heroin at this hour?! (explanation: In this example, the question mark is assigned the priority. The speaker is clearly asking a question; the exclamation point serves only as a display of his frustration.)
by Jose Esteban September 22, 2007
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