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fuck spelled backwards. To have intercourse.
I'd kcuf that three times a day!
by Intergalactic planetarium. June 23, 2003
Another word for F-U-C-K but its just spelled backwards.
Somebody's about to get kcuffed up yo.
by CAT September 19, 2003
This is "f u c k" spelled backwards. It is used to convey the emotion and intensity of the word "f u c k" without actually using it.

Mostly used when one does not want to physically SOUND vulgar, or offensive (even though they intend to).

Used on websites such as YouTube, which block offensive words
Kcuf man, these guys can dance!

Kcufing hell, get a permit before you post a video.

John: Ha ha, you didn't wipe your ass
Smith: Kcuf off!
by John Smith's Friend December 10, 2011
A polite way of spelling FUCK.
Pronounced "cuf "
When girls pose with that fish face they look stupid as kcuf .
by Andrea DGeorge Nor-Cal July 06, 2016
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