Stick to Kazaa Lite K++ (klkpp). Its like Kazaa but without the spyware and downloads very quickly. Works fantastically on dial-up.
Kazaa is spyware loaded, stick to the spyware free lite version.
by Zoe January 18, 2005
a file downloading program. it is a great sorce to download porn.
"When I get home tonight, I am going to download porn on Kazaa."
by Bob December 09, 2002
A saint for people who don't want to spend $20 on a cd that they will listen to only one time. Get Kazaa-Lite. Its alot better than regular Kazaa!
Man I wish I could listen to this one song. Maybe is should use kazaa to download it. I'll probably buy the Cd anyway. Oh shit it's the recording company at my front door.
by awex January 05, 2004
Kazaa Lite is better but it's not going to work for much longer cause it's illegal
Great source for Briana Banks videos
I downloaded Briana Loves Jenna, Briana Banks AKA Filthy Whore, The Best of Briana Banks, etc, and lots of short nice videos.
Works best with cable obviously.
Get great full size good quality porn flicks, as long as people share em.
I downloaded some really hot Briana Banks videos off Kazaa!
by John Doe January 21, 2004
the easiest, fastest, free-est way to get porn
dad, quit leaving all your porn in my kazaa folder
by sn0wbl1nd October 02, 2003
Program where people download music, software, porn, etc. without paying a dime.
Liz downloads pop music every night on KAZAA!!!!!!!!!
by Martha Stewart November 24, 2003
a p2p file sharing program with a lot of music.
RIAA can kiss my ass, I have 23434 kazaa files!
by Et Moi! January 03, 2004
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