A worm generator!
Uninstall Kazaa, you ain't gettin' but a PC Worm!
by FUCKSTA August 06, 2003
Punk ass bitches that lets hope be shut down soon
Kazaa's here better bend over
by Wu Tang Soldier February 21, 2005
A internet program used to download music and porn. Used primarily by stupid asses who are way to dumb to use real programs.
"Wow, those kids are dumbasses for using a gay program. To bad they are to fucking stupid to learn how to really download stuff. I will laugh when they get sued for stealing a song, as i listen to the entire cd i got in the same amount of time"
by Prince Alucard January 07, 2004
A P2P network where you can download any virus of any kind, sick weirdo porno, warez, video and music which has been altered. Very laggy.
"Dude, this connection is way to fast, I miss lagging."
"Dude, get KaZaA."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
An aid for masterbation.
Since I have a slow-assed modem it took me 15 fucking hours to download this Jenna Jameson video.
by Deeez Nuuutz July 04, 2003
a program that always messes up your computer.
dude, sorry for suddenly going offline. kazaa always fucking freezes my comp.
by svensson May 17, 2003
Spyware and virus ridden application used by old men throughout the world as a method of distributing kiddy porn.
"Hey, I realised I don't have any pictures of 7 year old boys. Better install Kazaa"
by dunce March 12, 2003
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