a whole piece of shit,crap,poo and many swear words together
which will give u many virus and trojan almost 87% of downloads in kazaa are either virus or are illegal and b0rken
l33th4x0rn00b123:omg dude i found so many games like mtw 2 on kazaa!
l33th4x0rn00b123:its rare it only has 10 kb :S
proplayer:omg man u didnt knew the truth right?
l33th4x0rn00b123:what truth?
proplayer:almost 87% of kazaa downloads are either illegal or have virus
proplayer:uninstall kazaa and install an antivirus now roar
l33th4x0rn00b123 left the game
by Eagle_FTW March 30, 2008
Worst place to get music or anything from. Messes up your computer as well.
Kazaa sucks.
by Roger September 03, 2003
For all your virus receiving needs.
Wow, I get more viruses on KazaA then ever before!
by fuck you July 09, 2003
spyware, avoid at all costs.
Dude, uninstall Kazaa before your computer is ruined by it's bloated spyware
by Frank Stallone May 30, 2003
A highly over-rated p2p system with tons of spywear and is an easy target for the RIAA. Also a great source for virus' and very poor quality media with even worse tagging.
dood! i _|u5t KazaA! im gonna DL me sone sw33t @s5 pr0n 2nite! lolololololz rofl lmao!
by Kaji February 28, 2004
the quickest, easiest way to piss off RIAA
"i wish i had never KaZaad"
by hash is brown November 13, 2003
A worm generator!
Uninstall Kazaa, you ain't gettin' but a PC Worm!
by FUCKSTA August 06, 2003

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