Before I give my definition, I would like to point out that I have had kazaa for three years (used it often too) and have never had a virus ... jeez, for the first year I didn't even HAVE anti-virus!

Enough rants ...

A free peep-2-peep p2p program that can be used to transfer files from one computer to another. It incurs many legal battles. Can be used for songs, and games, but mainly for pr0n.
1. Dude, I got none of those viruses from kazaa ... why people make such fuss?

2. Dude, I'm downloading some pr0n from kazaa 2nite, wanna come over?.
by deldelda July 30, 2004
great file sharing program, if you can deal with pop-up ads and Spy-ware.
Check this shit out dude, i downloaded 3,000 songs from Kazaa!
by some guy November 18, 2002
Great online file sharing program great for downloading music. Although there are a lot of annoying popups.
Gonna go download off kazaa now...
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
A sick program used to share files.
Assclat: Dude did you download 'kaaaze'
Person: Fuckoff newb its pronouced kuhza you fucking assclat
by NAzi Are Back January 01, 2004
a somewhat good relacement for Napster
i use to be a napster whore. but now it's gone so i have to deal with kazaa.
by tanj May 16, 2003
Best invention since the Wheel. ;)
by Aaron Einstein September 01, 2003

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