Before I give my definition, I would like to point out that I have had kazaa for three years (used it often too) and have never had a virus ... jeez, for the first year I didn't even HAVE anti-virus!

Enough rants ...

A free peep-2-peep p2p program that can be used to transfer files from one computer to another. It incurs many legal battles. Can be used for songs, and games, but mainly for pr0n.
1. Dude, I got none of those viruses from kazaa ... why people make such fuss?

2. Dude, I'm downloading some pr0n from kazaa 2nite, wanna come over?.
by deldelda July 30, 2004
A person to person online sharing system for music and other stuff.

Pronounced: Kah-Zuh
Dude, you have got to download this song on Kazaa
by Music Man March 27, 2003
kazaa is virus a heavan. But kazaa lite is clean, hook yourself up with a kazaalite K++ and youre on the road to great music or videos or porn or whatever you like.
joey used kazaalite and now whenever his mom looks at the computer he turns it off.
by ivana tinkle March 23, 2005
Music sharing program
I downloaded a song on Kazaa
by the man with the plan October 01, 2003
File sharing program.
I get audio and video from KaZaA.
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
A file sharing program that you can never get into trouble using,
Haha, the feds can't do SHIT because they haev no control over the australians!
by Joe Somebody July 24, 2003
A filesharing program that some people would complain lags their comp only because they are downloading too much porn.
Everything is going so slow... maybe because I'm downloading like 50 Cum Fiesta and Milfhunter vids off Kazaa?
by Peterape September 18, 2003
n. Any p2p file server, especially the server with the name kazaa.
Download the song "In The Club" from Kazaa, you will like it.
by TZBull May 07, 2003
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