Before I give my definition, I would like to point out that I have had kazaa for three years (used it often too) and have never had a virus ... jeez, for the first year I didn't even HAVE anti-virus!

Enough rants ...

A free peep-2-peep p2p program that can be used to transfer files from one computer to another. It incurs many legal battles. Can be used for songs, and games, but mainly for pr0n.
1. Dude, I got none of those viruses from kazaa ... why people make such fuss?

2. Dude, I'm downloading some pr0n from kazaa 2nite, wanna come over?.
by deldelda July 30, 2004
A so-called "file sharing" program which is actually a great virus and fake bank, where people can freely choose their favourite virus and download it for free. Or if they want to have tons of fake files in their PC, then they have chosen the right program.
And just as if it wasn't enough, it comes with a free bonus : tons of spyware on your PC. This way, people won't have to waste their time telling to unknown people what websites they have visiting, these spyware will do it for them. Great, isn't it ?
This program is, however, not liked by those who don't like viruses, and they recommend other REAL sharing programs such as SoulSeek, eMule, Direct Connect, Overnet, and so on...
A version called Kazaa Lite exists, it has no spyware but still has the viruses and fakes.
A: 725 viruses in our virus collection ! Which are we missing ?
B: Lots... keygen.exe, for example !
A: Alright, download a fake crack from kazaa now !
by "the eurodance lover" July 17, 2006
Viruses in a nutshell
"Oh Shit! Don't tell me I just downloaded Kazaa! Well I guess it was time for a reformat anyway."
by Nisby September 11, 2005
KazaA is teh Devil! it brings about pop-ups for no reason! it screws up intercontinental copyright laws! For all your souls, uninstall KazaA!!!
KazaA sucks, it only makes me computer go slower, it brings up pop-ups for no reason and it messes with intercontinental copyright laws! Im going to unistall it, gee whizz?
by Den Jandra May 09, 2004
A file sharing program used mostly by teens and those new to the internet because they don't know that it is invading your system with spyware, adware, trojans, foistware, viruses, heck and probably the frickin devil. Can be used to download anything from child/rape/bestality/necrophile porn to music (which the riaa have a good chance of finding). Mostly used for the former. Also known as a testement to what advertising is doing to the internet.
The bitches that made Kazaa should crucified for the crap they let their "safe" program do.
by spacetree April 08, 2004
ad and spyware
Quit whining and use Kazaa Lite if you don't want spyware. I swear, you moan and groan about spyware but don't do anything about it. Don't use Kazaa. Use Kazaa Lite.
by Shawn E. June 11, 2003
Something that sucks and will give you loads of viruses.
Hot damn I need some viruses, kazaa here i come!
by Bojangles357 July 26, 2005

A peer to peer client like Napster but also with possibility to download other files than mp3. Contains a lot of spyware. Used by those who haven´t discovered Direct Connect++ or FTP.
I must get rid of Kazaa and download Direct Connect++
by Papi Raul May 17, 2003

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