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A mild ranga lady gaga with very retarded teeth. They usually eat other people's children and live in homeless shelters under the bridge with her ex-boyfriends, which include Frankie, who lives under oakleigh bridge with his girlfriend Frankenstein and their baby frankie jnr. Kaytaloonies are a little on the ugly side and have a reputation to wear reallly ugly leggings which go with absolutely nothing. They also love wearing over sized t-shirts for no particular reason. Kaytaloonies also occassionaly smell of piss and chicken noodle soup. If you ever meet a Kaytaloonie, either get as far away from it as possible, or buy a gun (you will need it to kill yourself if it gets too close).
"Wow! Look at those ugly leggings! That thing must be a Kaytaloonie!"

"Run! Hide! Kaytaloonie is coming! She will eat your children!"
by ogggggieeeeeee! April 12, 2010
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