An amazing, kind, beautiful, cute, loving, caring, unselfish and all around great chick. More girls should want to be like her. And she is an amazing friend
Person 1: " Hey who's that hot chick over there?"
Person 2: " oh that's the new girl Kaylyn. She's an epic person"
by rufus the platypus December 21, 2012
Top Definition
A girl whose only fault is always, ALWAYS putting others before herself, always goes out of her way to make people happy. She is beautiful, caring, intelligent, funny and SEXY. She would do absolutley anything for her friends and family and is loyal to the extreme. A trustworthy girl that loves to love somebody and any man would would be extremely lucky to have Kaylyn in their life...and even luckier to have her all to himself.

i love you. i miss you. i'm so sorry. i hope you see this. please forgive me!
Person: What is the best thig that has ever happened to you?
Me: easy...KAYLYN.
by sean417 February 03, 2010
super sexy smart young woman.

for further refer to super sexy.
damn, look at kaylyn.
by voodoo_luvin January 20, 2008
an amazing person that loves to have fun.
loves sex as well ;)
I'm feeling pretty kaylyn today
by ohshit123 March 16, 2009
An awesome and pretty girl who likes to fly kites instead of getting job applications, and dresses as an art student.
I was too intimidated to approach her, because she was in the park pulling a kaylyn.
by Johnathan Winters March 04, 2009
The most beautiful, lovable girl in the world. Shes everything you can think of. I cant even explain her in words. Shes everything i want in my life. I really she realizes it sometime soon.
I Love Kaylyn
by you dont need to know me ;) October 21, 2011
a hot chick with brains and beauty, she can do sooo much that i wish i could, she will accomplish a lot in her life!!!!
she cooks she can sew she does every sport you can think of....
by anonamous06 May 08, 2005
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