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the prettiest most wonderful person in the world a great friend and usually the short one of the group is really loud but can get away with it because shes so small very perverted and hilarious
damn kayela is hot
by meggmegg jennjenn March 26, 2010
Kayela is a short girl who is very tan and athletic. She loves sports, food and loves everyone. She easily gets stressed out because she gives her all. Her report card reads all A's as she is very intelligent. Her hobbies include camping, exercising, cooking, writing and watching television such as sports programs or movies. Her smile is big and bright and that's why she has lots of friends that care for her.
Person 1: Wow Kayela is so smart!
person 2: I know right! And she is so athletic. She's the best girl on the track team!
by Nameanddefinitions July 28, 2016
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