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Non-Asian scenesters who speak 5 words of Japanese, go to Anime Conventions, listen to j-rock/j-pop, have 50,000 MySpace buddies that they can't really talk to because they're all in Japan and don't speak a word of English, or otherwise attempt to bastardize Japanese culture to make themselves seem cooler.
Me: Hey T, do you want A and M to come over and hang?

T: FUCK NO! All those damned kawaii kids ever want to do is watch Gazzette videos and play on MySpace, and I'll be the one having to clean up all the glitter and plastic toys after they leave!
by Dezmodus February 23, 2007

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Extremely, kawaii and cute asian kids that usually have traits of a cartoon character.
Look at those kawaii kids over there obsessing over hello kitty!
by cyanide smiles November 26, 2007