1) verb: to take something without asking or paying, especially the last of something; to borrow something with no intention of ever returning it; to try to repay a small debt with a twenty when you know the debtor can't break it.
2) verb: to spill someone in someone else's place with no intention of cleaning it up
1) He kavsed the last two beers from my fridge. I should have seen it coming, he's such a mooch.
2) Pete kavsed like three diet cokes all over my table, while getting hot on the box.
by Alpha Delta Phi October 28, 2007
Top Definition
adjective describing something incredibly awesome, like a double backflip
Dude! That was Kav!
by carl willis March 09, 2014
the most beautiful girl in the world. she is smart and funny. she has to sides. unlike other girls, she likes to hang with the guys. she likes country stuff. mudding and fishing is better than the mall and movies to her, everyone wants to be like her. she is perfect. guys want her but cant get her and girls envy her. she is amazingly gorgeous. she has the best smile and she fun sized! she also has a luscious butt.
*gorgeous girl, brown hair green eyes, big smile, tan, 5'4" walks in

boy: dude her body is banging. she must be a kav.
by millstereric March 16, 2013
To be kav is to be extremely bad in general (also; kavvy, kav-like). Often mistaken for 'Elbow Skank', it can also be used for someone who points out the obvious and or repeats redundant statements.
Shit's so Kav!

You are so fucking kavvy.
by Toxii April 13, 2008
sacred name given to stephen kavanagh. Only close childhood friends may call him this. passed on from grandfather to father to stephen.
oi kav come over here!
by stefan February 19, 2005
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