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once a girl named katy, drinks uncontrolablly and wants to sex everyone in sight...she will most likely be loud an obnoxious until she is sober...if you have a penis beware of katy sex...

sub-definition---the only thing that will be able to satisfy a mongolian cluster fuck
Katy N. was very ronchy and horny after she drank so she transformed into katy sex.
by Mike+Mike+Steve+Ryan October 03, 2004

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Origin: The origin of katy sex traces back to numerous fraternity houses where large containers of red punch which have been been suspected to conatin high volumes of everclear have been spotted.
Definition: An excited, outraged, or extremely sexually frustrated drunkard.
"hey you...you stole mah walleh!"
"get ova heh! hey! get tha gull, she stole mah walleh!"
"quick! this is an emergeny...call katy sex!!"

by you know... October 10, 2004