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there is no way to describe such a character for she is unique in her world, in our world, in the other world.
she is her own definition. search for her and witness her. i insist.
katy jane garside, of queen adreena
by fuschia moomin December 22, 2003
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Part of British Rock band "Daisy Chainsaw" and "Queen Adreena"

described as "artsy" and "slightly odd", which makes her music all the more delightful.

Has the enviable talent of going from true metal scream to soft angellic and ghostly tones.

And inspiration, and also seen as a contempory of the riot grrrl movement
*Check out "Queen Adreena" albums "Taxidermy" and "Drink Me"

*1: who the fuck are Queen Adreena??
2: a band who has given rock, metal and the UK a purpose for living
by Kat,Kath,Court February 10, 2005

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