Someone who always has to save his buddy's ass when he gets into a fight, just as Kato (played by Bruce Lee) often had to save the Green Hornet's ass.
Mark and I went to the bike bar last night. I had to pull a Kato.
by Comic Ozzie December 01, 2006
Top Definition
Rapper of 2Pac's crew/breed who got shot fatally.
"Tell me Lord, why you take big Kato?"
by Thilo Ettelt December 14, 2003
A noncelebrity who lives rent-free in the house of a famous person, does odd jobs, acts as a confidante but isn't exactly a friend.
No example
by katsarida March 13, 2004
v.intr. To take advantage of, particularly in a lackadaisical style that evokes slackerdom. Named after O.J. Simpson's famous roommate Kato Kaelin. Coined by columnist Ted Rall.

n. One who katos.
I used to kato off my neighbor's wifi until he got wise and secured it.

He's such a kato, living off his parents at age 26.
by dm donkey May 26, 2006
A hugely fat girl that a guy usually hooks up with after 10pm. She is currently a 2 but after drinking several Captain and Red Bulls, she becomes a 10. She seems to have shrunk and now looks good while getting into the hot tub with.
The other night Dave started drinking Captain and Red Bulls at 10pm and ended up doing a Kat-o.
by Rizzo99 March 05, 2008
A guy who is weird in a cool way and gets along with everyone.
He's such a Katos. Let's chill with him.
by Caleb Owens February 17, 2008
To say goodbye. In other words, "Peace".
"Aiight yo. I'll catch you."
"Aiight. Kato"
by DanielEspinoza October 26, 2015
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