A Katie is of Yugoslavian origins. A Katie is an evil temptress that eats young children's faces. She often uses her free time to go billy goat herding. She enjoys marmalade.
Guy 1 "Dude, I think I saw a Katie the other day"
Guy 2 "How do you know?"
Guy 1 "Well it was a girl eating my little brother's face..."
by Gabriel Fowler February 17, 2010
Hot ass girl with killer tits also the inventor of the game dipshit
damn that girl i fucked last night. she was a katie
by Katybabes June 15, 2011
he Katie is a vicious beast native to the US but will travel to wherever a "hot guy with abs" exists. The Katie is known for her brutal attacks upon attractive athletes and actors, in which she rips their abdomens and hangs them in her ditch in the ground. The Katie is not supposed to be out in daylight, for her face can seriously damage one's eyesight and brain function. The Katie has a distinct mating call, in which she shrieks loudly and flails her arms uncontrollably. The Katie, for a long time, was believed to be nearly impossible to sustain, but it was revealed that a taze in the buttock would stun the beast, and she would die of shock. The Katie is also prone to injuries, although they are often not severe at all, and it just exaggerates.
Why is that Katie out in daylight?!
by hg149 November 11, 2010
Someone who is an incredible lurky person. They like to walk past your house and play it off like they were going on a "nature walk"

These girls are known to be incredibly clingy and hard to get rid of.
Wow are we walking down this street in hopes of the possibility of seeing that really cool guy doing strenuous yard work with no shirt on? This makes me feel like such a Katie!
by tryingtostopthelurks September 26, 2010
I girl with flappy arms but has a big heart.
-That girl has HUGE arms but is SO nice. She MUST be a Katie!

-That Katie has huge man arms!
by carnapoopit April 04, 2011
Absolute slut, likes small asian cock, 3 holes ( one if you look at the right angle behind the knee). likes guys by the name christian and mike. also possible lesbian.
by 1152tu December 08, 2010
One of the biggest bitches you will meet. Very fake, judgemental and good at lying. Not to mention she will talk behind your back the minute you leave the room. You should never trust a girl named Katie. Mentally she plays games, physically you can kick her ass.
Katie = jealous bitch
Katie = will try to take your man with her slutty ways
by prettyeyes221 November 11, 2010
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