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used to define a completly wicked girl ; demon child ;will do juss about anything to take you down
stop being so katie you know a cant stand that attitude
by Suany March 30, 2008
132 327
a dirty ugly slut that call peoples boyfriend sal knowing that he has a girlfriend

is that dirty slut katie texting you again?
by kaitlin-anne August 15, 2008
70 291
she has no originality, just issues. she sits on girls naked. she doesnt know what a lesbian is. she has 5 friends. she gets in fights every week with different people, and it annoying. she lies 24/7 and she sucks at it. if shes talking theyres a 99% chance that its a lie. she needs to find some people to run away with that are exactly like her. some trolls or something. she'll fit in.
omg she is such a short, chubby, lying, witch!

i know shes such a katie!
by SUUUUCKIT August 13, 2008
78 299
the most annoying; bitchyy; uglyy; disgustingg; poopy; wannabe girl youu will ever meet. she poops all the time and eats it. she hasnt come out of the closet to her friends yet; but everyone already knows how lesbian she is. the girl that just should go die suckingg on a chode.

peace outtt.
ahh did youu guys see that katie.? she makes me wanna hurl.
by jaymee marie. August 29, 2008
100 363
A fucking whore who cheats on her man with a random guy then when he breaks up with her tries to steal her best friends man! More of a whore than Blowjob Betty.
self explanitory any one who fits the decription gave is a Katie.
by gotcha bitch April 15, 2008
126 422
A supah fly girl with huge boobs who enjoys a few blow jobs a day. And LOVES to suck cock, especially Chuck Norris's.
Guy: Damn, I'm horny
Other guy: Just call Katie up, she'll give you a blow job guarenteed !
by katie buda January 03, 2008
147 448
The Ugly way of spelling any form or Kathryn, or Kaitlyn...
Girl 1: ugh... i hate katie, she has such a huge forehead
girl 2: oh, her name is katie, how does she spell it?
Girl 1: the ugly way of course, katie.
by Kaity R May 31, 2008
80 432