The annoying one.
Swears like a feud, beats up people up to twice her age, is average height and quite pudgy.
Does far more harm than good.
Has an extremely bossy best friend, who might even be as annoying as she is, and another friend who curses almost as much as she does.
She will drag people around by their hair, give you the middle finger for no goddamn reason, and has a more physically attractive sibling than her.
Is destined to end up in an insane asylum/juvenile prison/jail with her friend(s).
Will insult you and your intelligence...even though she herself has very little of it.
*Rolls eyes* "Katie, shut the hell up."-Older sibling
*facepalm* Shut the fuck up.
by DontEvenThinkAboutIt. October 18, 2013
The best defintion known to man as a whore, slut, skank and prostitute. Put your hands up cause everybody knows katie katie is a hoe... (hoe, hoe) hoppin' on to dort highway, hopin' that she would get paid. Hopin' that she would get laid!
I did something naughty last night!

Omg please don't tell me...

Yes, it's true... I pulled a Katie!

by Ralalalabusky June 01, 2011
Katie Is Pathic and needs to grow she always crys over stupid things, her best friend try's so hard to help and put up with her but soon she will give up, she can move on and needs to learn to stand on her own two feet, always expects everyone. Els to do things for her always annoy the brother and he gets fed up, Katie is NOT a trust worthy person and will always spill the beans her best friends always trys her best but its not good enough for KATIE so if you know a Katie WATCH OUT! As se might hold you back!
Katie is a Idiot Pathic!! And holds people back e.g bestfriend!
by Sarah pine house May 17, 2012
The queen of cats. Katies are obsessed with cats and have tons of them. They are defintely future old cat ladies. Katies are usually really short, black, and asian. They can fly through the air because they're so tiny. They are usually very good in bed, although they have diseases and love to share them. They have really long willies, but they are very skinny and hairy. Katies can bounce on their huge asses to survive huge falls, and their boobs can give people black eyes. They are often very creepy and watch porn every day. They are always bi-sexual. When you try to talk to a katie, she just moans. If you talk to one on the internet, she will simply type gibberish, as the English language is too difficult for her to use most of the time. However, when she does say something, it's usually very sexual, because she ALWAYS has sex on her brain. Not to be confused with an Ann or a Natalie.
Guy 1: Did you know that Katie has a dick?

Guy 2: Yeah man, but it's okay because her boobs are bigger than her head!
by PantsFairy March 31, 2012
Biggest bitch you'll ever meet. LYING WHORE. Very fake and judgmental. Not a good friend. She will talk behind your back the moment you leave the room. Not to mention, fool around with your boyfriend; even if you're her best friend. Basically the school slut. Thinks she's little miss popular but really everyone hates her. Acts like she's drunk after a half a beer. Never trust a girl named Katie. Especially Sara Kaitlyns.
Katie's been with so many guys you could probably stick a soda can up her.

Hey, look, there goes Katie with another girl's boyfriend.

Doesn't Katie look pregnant?
by fuckkatiekendrick. August 23, 2011
A katie is a very dim-witted person. Usually born brunette but meant to be blonde. Sometimes messes up places and calls them the wrong thing. Normally very pretty. But normally has a big butt.
Dang. She's a brunette and she got that wrong? She must be a katie.
by Nancy SLughorn December 27, 2011
1- A whore-ass bitch

2- Penis Cheese

3- Loves balls in the mouth
Sarah - Hey. Looks like you got a little Katie on your dick.
Sam- Oh, Shit.
by notcoollikethat June 06, 2011
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