A, "Katie", is the ultimate underage party girl. A young lady that is over 18, but under 21, yet doesn't let that keep her from getting into bars, clubs, and other situations where debauchery is likely to occur. "Katie" is often subjected to the walk of shame after a night of festivities, yet this won't stop her from going hard in the paint.
That girl in my economics class is the biggest "katie" on campus.

I always see "katie" walking down Franklin street with a different dude every night.
#girls gone wild #party girl #fake id owner #wild child #walker of shame.
by B D P May 29, 2013
See that girl who just fell down the stairs? I can guarantee that she's a Katie.
#katie #derp #lol #silly goose #vince
by Ooooh! That's a Bingo! December 27, 2010
A girl with a huge ass. She can tap dance like a monster and sing like an angel.
As in damn look at that ass, that must be a Katie
#ass #sing #angel #tap #dance
by Nerva February 03, 2010
She got a big ass. you would think she was black.
Damn look at that Katie!
#booty #butt #kat #wow #damn
by wowohwowoh June 07, 2011
A triffling ho. A little girl who is too big for her britches and seeks the attention of other peoples significant others. Usually has red hair and acne. Lies constantly.
Person 1- Katie tried to steal my man again, I really wish she would wash her face and quit lying.

Person 2- She tried to steal my man too.... Why won't she take the hint?!?

Person 1- Because she is pathetic and stupid.

Person 2- I know, but that doesn't make me want to punch her in the mouth any less.
#katie #rebecca #becky kate #triffling ho #liar
by Blue Dragon382 August 06, 2012
A very annoying person, that just happens to be your friend. You don't want them to be, because they can be mean, annoying, and complete jerks. If you know a Katie, I would stay away.
Guy- Hey did you se the new girl, Katie?
Girl- Yeah, shes such a jerk!
#annoying #mean #jerk #stupid #ugly
by howdoudo August 05, 2012
A bitch who steals your friends and goes out with every boy in the class. Thinks shes amazing but shes not.
katie: hey roisin, come over HERE...
#katie #bitch #slut #annoyance #grrr
by parasmore May 12, 2012
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