A person highly likely to excrete feces during copulation
Damn bitch, did you just Katie in bed?
by wangalangadingdong February 05, 2015
A whore who dates anyone and dumps them the next day for a new guy. A ugly ass girl who has a bad ass attitude to everybody. She is ugly inside and out only beacase she is a whore and slut. No body likes her at all
Shit its katie run WHORE ALERT!!!!!!!!
by datbackflipdoe June 26, 2015
A hot-headed Irish girl who at times is as sweet as a sugar cookie.
Wow! That chick is such a Katie
by chrismother February 07, 2010
At first, Katie would be a great addition to your friend circle. Then, she turns into a bitch who doesn't care about who she crushes on the way to the top, she HAS to be the most popular girl in school. She has a few friends and will end up being a slut and having 15 boy friends. At parties she will always be on her phone and never has fun. And she is that one girl who twerks on every boy at the party when she is off her phone.
"Oh my gosh look at that Katie girl!" "She is such a bitch!"
by Really gurl November 11, 2014
A, "Katie", is the ultimate underage party girl. A young lady that is over 18, but under 21, yet doesn't let that keep her from getting into bars, clubs, and other situations where debauchery is likely to occur. "Katie" is often subjected to the walk of shame after a night of festivities, yet this won't stop her from going hard in the paint.
That girl in my economics class is the biggest "katie" on campus.

I always see "katie" walking down Franklin street with a different dude every night.
by B D P May 29, 2013
See that girl who just fell down the stairs? I can guarantee that she's a Katie.
by Ooooh! That's a Bingo! December 27, 2010
A girl with a huge ass. She can tap dance like a monster and sing like an angel.
As in damn look at that ass, that must be a Katie
by Nerva February 03, 2010

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