A hot-headed Irish girl who at times is as sweet as a sugar cookie.
Wow! That chick is such a Katie
by chrismother February 07, 2010
A girl with a huge ass. She can tap dance like a monster and sing like an angel.
As in damn look at that ass, that must be a Katie
by Nerva February 03, 2010
This person is the worst person, a backstabbing, lying, bitch, little hoe who is 2 faced!!!! and would make you believe she's your friend...
person 1: I hate this little bitch Katie

person 2: I know right I hate her so much
by callyj June 30, 2014
See that girl who just fell down the stairs? I can guarantee that she's a Katie.
by Ooooh! That's a Bingo! December 27, 2010
A very annoying person, that just happens to be your friend. You don't want them to be, because they can be mean, annoying, and complete jerks. If you know a Katie, I would stay away.
Guy- Hey did you se the new girl, Katie?
Girl- Yeah, shes such a jerk!
by howdoudo August 05, 2012
A triffling ho. A little girl who is too big for her britches and seeks the attention of other peoples significant others. Usually has red hair and acne. Lies constantly.
Person 1- Katie tried to steal my man again, I really wish she would wash her face and quit lying.

Person 2- She tried to steal my man too.... Why won't she take the hint?!?

Person 1- Because she is pathetic and stupid.

Person 2- I know, but that doesn't make me want to punch her in the mouth any less.
by Blue Dragon382 August 06, 2012
The annoying one.
Swears like a feud, beats up people up to twice her age, is average height and quite pudgy.
Does far more harm than good.
Has an extremely bossy best friend, who might even be as annoying as she is, and another friend who curses almost as much as she does.
She will drag people around by their hair, give you the middle finger for no goddamn reason, and has a more physically attractive sibling than her.
Is destined to end up in an insane asylum/juvenile prison/jail with her friend(s).
Will insult you and your intelligence...even though she herself has very little of it.
*Rolls eyes* "Katie, shut the hell up."-Older sibling
*facepalm* Shut the fuck up.
by DontEvenThinkAboutIt. October 18, 2013

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