Katie is a girl who has a big heart. She will do anything she can for her friends and family. Katie has a humble personality. She is a good listener, and has an old soul. Katie is also a very faithful girl. She is quite good at giving advice and helping people. Katie also has pretty eyes. She is beautiful, funny, and smart.
Person 1: Who is that girl over there helping Madison with her homework?
Person 2: Oh that's Katie. She's very nice.
by KelleyGreen14 July 25, 2014
A wonderful, caring, beautiful person who will always be there for you. She has a smile brighter than the the sun itself, and the kind of eyes that can melt a guy's heart. A Katie is generous with her time and love. Katie is just the kinda girl who you just can't help but love, whether it's because of her incomparable beauty, her unending kindness, or her incredibly sexy dancing. All in all there is no definition for a Katie that can possibly describe how amazing a Katie really is.
Guy 1: You're girlfriend is so awesome.
Guy 2: Yeah but she's not quite a Katie.
by MikeyLovesBareback July 24, 2014
One of the greatest people you will meet, she is funny, kind and will help you through thick and thin. She is usually brown haired, she has a lot of great friends, and will always be an amazing friend.
My Friend.
Friend- I have a problem
Katie- What's up?
Friend- ....
Katie- okay I'll help.
by craazykidd October 20, 2013
The most beautiful, amazing best-friend anyone could ever ask for.

She is always there for you when you need her.
She will never let you down and she will go out of her way to help you.
"I want a Katie for a friend :("
by Romione August 28, 2013
The sweetest, coolest, nicest, cutest, and overall best girl ever. She's a baller at softball and basketball. Will always be there for you no matter what.
Bro 1: Yo there she is!
Bro 2: Who?!
Bro:1 Katie she's the coolest girl ever!
Bro 2: Oh yeah I've seen her before she's awesome!
by CB-------------- April 02, 2013
A 'Katie' is a special breed of laughter, which makes others around laugh hysterically. Think of a constipated dinosaur and it sounds something like that.
omg that 'Katie' laugh is the greatest I've heard. I actually thought I was back in the land of the dinosaurs.
by Dr Dictionary August 22, 2011
Very beautiful and attractive, also super hot (but thinks she is just ok) and knows what she does and is very good at it.

A Katie is crazy, amazing, intelligent, hilarious and cute (like a Squirrel).
A great person to be with who knows how to have fun.
Someone you miss right after they leave.
“wow I just met the most odd and funniest girl ever”
“ooh did you meet a Katie”

“look at her, I want her more than anyone else she must be a Katie”

“there is nothing like a Katie”

“I wish I had a Katie”
by SquirrelcityUSA February 13, 2010

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