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Hot, gorgeous, sexy women. Who loves to have a good time. Gives good advise and very wise. is very caring when it comes to other peoples problems, she is very trust worthy. Loves it rough, but you better watch out because her nice church girl personality will fool you, once you get to know her your will find that there is a wild women inside waiting to show herself. Everyone wants to bang her but she's taken. Every guy wants her but they cant have her, has amazing boobs and ass. But dont touch or she will fuck your world up.
Ight Katie
by Appledghhhhhh March 28, 2013
The best defintion known to man as a whore, slut, skank and prostitute. Put your hands up cause everybody knows katie katie is a hoe... (hoe, hoe) hoppin' on to dort highway, hopin' that she would get paid. Hopin' that she would get laid!
I did something naughty last night!

Omg please don't tell me...

Yes, it's true... I pulled a Katie!

by Ralalalabusky June 01, 2011
the biggest slut you'll ever meet. dont trust a katie, she'll steal your friends & boyfriend. her only friends are the ones who fall naive to her little game. she only cares about herself, & lies her way out of situations. normally, a katie will claim she hates drama, when in fact she starts it.
1: Did you hear about katie?!
2: no, dude, what happened?
1: she got dumped, bro! she's hysterical!
2: meh, she won't be for long. the little skank's gonna have low self esteem sex & be right back where she was in no time.
by barbarastreisand November 11, 2011
Biggest bitch you'll ever meet. LYING WHORE. Very fake and judgmental. Not a good friend. She will talk behind your back the moment you leave the room. Not to mention, fool around with your boyfriend; even if you're her best friend. Basically the school slut. Thinks she's little miss popular but really everyone hates her. Acts like she's drunk after a half a beer. Never trust a girl named Katie. Especially Sara Kaitlyns.
Katie's been with so many guys you could probably stick a soda can up her.

Hey, look, there goes Katie with another girl's boyfriend.

Doesn't Katie look pregnant?
by fuckkatiekendrick. August 23, 2011
1- A whore-ass bitch

2- Penis Cheese

3- Loves balls in the mouth
Sarah - Hey. Looks like you got a little Katie on your dick.
Sam- Oh, Shit.
by notcoollikethat June 06, 2011
A nasty bitch who is extremely ugly and fat and has a lot of zits. She has a horrible personality and talks to a bunch of guys at the same time. She puts out. She talks behind backs so she is a terrible friend. She is usually retarded and fails at most classes. There is the occasional katie doesnt fit this but most do.
by BabyDoll1234 December 03, 2011
name of a girl, sometimes a hot girl who has 34D's
that girls name is katie!
by Dharma123456 September 09, 2010
Absolutely loves black guys.
Katie is always surrounded by the black boys.
by treysongzlova October 16, 2010