Hot, gorgeous, sexy women. Who loves to have a good time. Gives good advise and very wise. is very caring when it comes to other peoples problems, she is very trust worthy. Loves it rough, but you better watch out because her nice church girl personality will fool you, once you get to know her your will find that there is a wild women inside waiting to show herself. Everyone wants to bang her but she's taken. Every guy wants her but they cant have her, has amazing boobs and ass. But dont touch or she will fuck your world up.
Ight Katie
#katie #katlyn #katy #bitch #ass
by Appledghhhhhh March 28, 2013
Katie is a short girl who loves to laugh. She is a dare devil and tends to get hurt a lot. She loves sports like softball and gymnastics. Guys like her but she is too into sports to care. Loves her best friend and insists they are sisters. Comes from a crazy family but she loves them anyways! Also loves animals like dogs and horses
Jacob: wow that girl is really hot. Do I have a chance with her?
Even: nah that's katie
#katie #girl #pretty #sporty #nice
by Erin prances December 27, 2013
A syndicated group of females (and possible a sorry if your a male with this name) who posess the power to read other katie's minds. They often aspire to excell in awkward random situations. They adore sexual jokes and often make others feel uncomfortable without trying. They are a unique kind who thrive on the computer. They get their energies from web comics, coffee, pasta, and bread. They love talking about sex and often mislead male (or female) friends. Do not attempt to understand a katie, for you never will succeed.
1) If you are a Katie, you might understand this sentance..."Yellow giraffes are jack rabbits."

2) A girl who can't come up with an example for the word Katie, even with another Katie on the phone.
#katy #sex #boobs #weed #pasta #cell phones #random
by epicfail458 June 24, 2009
gorgeous girl thats the best person on the face of the earth
katie is the best
#yep #mhm #kay #okay #mkay
by thisisannoying September 06, 2008
Katie is a fun loving, hot, funny girl that loves to party. Normally attracted to Mexicans or African Americans. Very clumsy but it's cute. All the guys want her. She loves tattoos and piercings. Normally has gorgeous eyes. Guys can't keep their eyes off of her. Can be pretty slutty when she's drunk. She is crazy, but we all love her. Over all a great girl.
Damn...that crazy chick must be a Katie.
by this girl 💦 October 26, 2015
She's a warm hearted person who you can trust , she's very pretty but tries not to make herself too noticeable. She's extremely funny but will only show this with her true friends
"Katie can I tell you something?"
#katie #pretty #quiet #sweet #caring #trustworthy
by Secret.xx August 25, 2015
Katies are sexy hot pretty and is a reliable friend who knows a lot of secrets. they are perfect girlfriends perfect friends and are perfect in any way. They are brilliant at anything and are awesome to be around.
Katies are awsome
#kind #hot #sexy #pretty #perfect
by Katekate2004 July 18, 2015
A loving , generous and smart girl who is pretty but doesn't know it. She does well in tests and is usually shy around guys. She keeps bad thoughts to herself , and never let's anybody down . She is a true friend .
Katie is amazing , she keeps my secret like she doesn't even know !!
#generous #smart #pretty #guys #friend
by Amazingk April 07, 2015
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