A happy, friendly person who likes to be around friends and gives lots of hugs
-she's such a Katie-

-that girl is a real Katie-
by Mr. Milward Munki February 06, 2008
extremely sexy. doesnt know how not to flirt. katies have more sex appeal then they know how to handle and often have very exciting sex lives.very good listeners. they are full of fun and love a good party. the best friend another girl could have, but its easy to get jealous. bre's and katie's just go together. every bre needs a katie.
"oh those belts...the ones tied to the bed posts... well last night i had katie over again.."
by unkn000wn February 03, 2010
One of the most trustworthy people in the world, though she might not look it at first sight. A firm individual, a Katie will never follow the crowd. She's proud, confident and cheerful on the outside, but a lot more sensitive underneath. Almost invariably stunningly beautiful, though she will probably never notice. Undeniable likeable, though she'll never see this in herself either. a Katie is the person you can always rely on. She will be serious when she knows she has to, she will listen when you have something to say. She might not be your best friend, but she is the one you won't fight with. If you are lucky enough to be friends with a Katie, don't lose her. She's the one friend you'll never regret.
Person One: Hey, you don't look too good

Person Two: There's something I need to talk about but...

Person One: Go talk to Katie. She'll help you.
by Midnight Firefly May 27, 2013
An awesome cool chick who is sometimes hard to understand but yet is always speaking clearly. She has her own language. She is suppppppper fun to hang out with and always chases after the weird guys with big hearts. She has a huge heart and loves country music she has perfect green/blue eyes and golden blonde natural hair she loves star bucks and ice cream. She is an amazing best friend to have and if she has a problem with you you will know. She is a super strong awesome cheerleader/backspot. She is a stylish girly girl
Wow there's Katie she is rocking that shirt and look at her mascara!!
by CrazyWalnut April 05, 2013
Hot, gorgeous, sexy women. Who loves to have a good time. Gives good advise and very wise. is very caring when it comes to other peoples problems, she is very trust worthy. Loves it rough, but you better watch out because her nice church girl personality will fool you, once you get to know her your will find that there is a wild women inside waiting to show herself. Everyone wants to bang her but she's taken. Every guy wants her but they cant have her, has amazing boobs and ass. But dont touch or she will fuck your world up.
Ight Katie
by Appledghhhhhh March 28, 2013
A beautiful, shy girl with a heart of gold. She is slow to reveal her feelings for a special someone, but once she knows her crush likes her back she will be loyal and loving. She loves her friends. She gets insecure at times. If you have a Katie in your life, treasure her - she is the most amazing person you will ever meet. Katie is so beautiful it is almost not physically possible.
Boy: Oh my gosh, Katie looked at me!
Friend: No, it's me!
Boy: She's so beautiful, I wish she was mine.
Friend: Don't we all?
by xoxmojoxox October 23, 2013
a good friend!
Katies sooo nice!!
by urbandictionarylover101 April 08, 2011
an extremely hot girl who knows how to party and is extremely attractive to the guys... she turns on the opposite sex and knows how to please people
wow i wish my girl was a katie

wow that girl is dahh bomb.. shes gotta be a katie

mmmhhmm my katie knows how to get it on
by fartybaby107 April 04, 2011

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