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A happy, friendly person who likes to be around friends and gives lots of hugs
-she's such a Katie-

-that girl is a real Katie-
by Mr. Milward Munki February 06, 2008
3829 2067
biggest fuckin whore you could ever meet. likes to kiss other girls boyfriends, often cheats on her own boyfriend. very ugly, but thinks she's hot shit. wear her shorts too short. loosest vagina you'll ever stick your dick in. every STD in the book. has bad ash tray breath. drinks coffee like it's going out of style. wear's her 6 year old sister's clothes and her mom's thongs. basicly the school slut. DIRTY. (thinks she has really friends but we all hate her) Fuck you bitch, stay away from Dick.
Hey there goes Katie with (enter girls name here)'s boyfriend.

Doesn't Katie look pregnant?

Katie let's so many boys stick it in you can fit a soda can up there!!
by fuckkatie April 19, 2009
59 219
stupid mexican who no one likes
dirty skanky whore
omg that girl over there is such a katie delaCruz
by acerpower October 15, 2008
51 211
total slut who has sex in many public places.
I heard Katie did it in the Macy's dressing room.
by ANAMOYUS September 10, 2008
79 241
A girl who lets be honest, has the biggest dick you'll come across in a long time.
Girl: "i did it for the first time! i mean, when he got it out, long story short, he did a total Katie."
by katiehanley.[: August 11, 2008
63 227
the most annoying person ever... no one likes her sits in the corner at parties.. has no friends ... has three imaginary friends fred, tom, and nick .... likes rapping teddy bears or any stuff animal and has tourettes.
man that girl who was at the party last night was so a katie
by codie dobson January 31, 2009
80 266
a girl with long blonde, very thin and no boobs. sleeps with anyone aslong as shes had some vodka.
person1: Did you see that Katie last night?
person2: Yea, i know who am sharing my vodka with next weekend haha
by NikkiiShaba December 09, 2008
52 246
used to define a completly wicked girl ; demon child ;will do juss about anything to take you down
stop being so katie you know a cant stand that attitude
by Suany March 30, 2008
131 327