The third gender.
"Look at that guy over there."
"That's not a guy!"
"Okay then, look at that girl over there."
"It's not a girl either."
"What is it?"
"That's a Katana."
by josephlaraisacompleteboss March 27, 2009
The katana is an excellent cutting sword; in my opinion, it's the best cutting sword in the world. The flaw in its design is common to all cutting swords: even with its sharp point, the katana is useless against rigid body armor. That is why the katana, like most swords, was a secondary weapon. The samurai's primary weapons were bows or spears.
It ain't the sword itself that's dangerous. It's the asshole holding the sword that's dangerous!
by Terra Imperator November 09, 2004
The second most dangerous weapon ever created (The most dangerous is of course the lightsaber but they're hard to find.) assuming the weilder can hear the breath of all things, smell the cutting wind or feel reiatsu,chakra or ki.

Beware of fakes. They're useless and abundant.
So... I don't want to brag but one time I used one of these to deflect a nuclear warhead into outer space. You wouldn't have heard about it because the government covered it up.

Once again not being a braggart but this other time there was this guy on the roof of a skyscraper trying to suppress me with chain guns and missiles and shit. I just cut the building at the base with my Katana and watched it fall to the ground and explode. Then I was like, "You fucked with the wrong man."
by Ramfar July 20, 2011
A way beginning and/or young snowboarders handle a steep slope. It is similar to the falling leaf but is considerably faster. You do this by staying on your heelside edge going left and right while quickly alternating which end of the board faces downhill.
after a snowboard race...

(teenage snowboarder): wtf, I got beat by an 8 year old?

(spectator): ya, he was doing the katana

(teenage snowboarder): oh damn, what a pro
by king melvin August 08, 2008
An overrused, overrated form of sword.

Sure, they're pretty, and sure, they can work, but they're not the best. Anime and pop-culture are only using them for the former; because Anime is japanese, so are katanas, that's justified, but the runoff of Anime is spilling into pop-culture leading people to believe that the katana is the best form of sword in the known universe. This is why I hate fads.

Opinions aside, the Katana is a gently curved blade, single-edged, which lacks a large crossguard, but does have some form of guard between the hilt and blade. It, like the european bastard sword, may be used in one OR two hands, and it was traditionally used by the Samurai.

Please, before you create a character for Role Playing, or buy a sword, consider your options, and open your mind to other swords.
"The Samurai had a katana."

"I'm not fond of katanas, I prefer a nice, simple longsword."
by Alec Girard, Twisted Edge. May 10, 2005
1.A katana is a sword that, while sharp, tends to shatter if you smack the flat of the blade hard enough. It was not used for blocking of blows, unlike the european sword but rather to deflect the force of an oncoming attack to the side.

2. A fad "supersword" with much popularity that actualy resembles no modern swords. Seen often in RPGs and in cartoons/comics
1. Mushashi's katana shattered when the bo struck it's flat.

2. I have this totaly awesome katana, it's vorpial, and fire enchanted too!
by Le Blue Dude March 14, 2006
A total fucking retard. Completely useless to the surrounding comunity. Katanas usually likes wearing dragon shirts or shirts with totally fucking random animals on it, and shitty clothes, usually quite poor. Smells bad, and usually has a mullet-like hairdo. Usually unpopular and fat. Katanas like to sit in the front of the bus so no one notices their akward social graces. Katanas usually have a range of 5 to 6 friends. Katanas interest include playing Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, or World of Warcraft, but if they're a real Katana, they'd play Runescape.

Katana: Not cool.
- " Haha "
- "What?"
- "Look at that faggot over there!"
- "Lol"
- " I bet she/he is a Katana!"
- " Hahaha, probably!"
by TheCoolestCatInTown March 26, 2009

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