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A scene queen of the internet, who has an account on almost every blog site known to man. Kat Frappacino's name became known through her haters who made hate sites about her allowing her to have internet fame.
Jack: Who is Kat Frappacino?

Jill: Dude you don't know her? You should really google her then you will know.
by wikiscenester January 04, 2008
Kat Frappacino is a girl who is somewhere between an internet celebrity and a normal teenage girl. She cannot be called a full internet celebrity because she has not reached that status yet so people just say she is internet known or a minor scene queen. Kat Frappacino is known for having many haters on the internet.
Angela says: Do you like my new outfit which I am wearing?

Melissa: Yeah it's pretty cool. You look like that Kat Frappacino girl from the internet.
by wikiscenester January 03, 2008
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