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1. A leech
2. One who tails behind a celebrity
3. To let your man having sex with other women. A woman who lets her man having sex with other women.
4. The state of being unemployed
5. The desire to be a model
1. Samantha keeps complaining because Thomas cheated on her but everybody knows that she's just a dumb karrueche.

2. Dude 1 "Hold on ! Look at that girl. She's fine!"
Dude 2 " Yeah but she's a karrueche man ... you'll never be able to get rid of her"

3. "This girl better stop trying so hard 'cause at the end of the day, she's just a karrueche."

4. Girl 1 "Are you guys getting serious?" Girl 2 "Yeah. But he wants me to quit my job and follow him around everywhere" Girl 1 "Oh girl, don't be a Karrueche."
#karrueche #gold digger #leech #lap dog #model
by Bialax273 October 25, 2011
1. fame hungry whore
2. likes to seek media attention
3. infected leech
4. follows celebrities around
5. uses people to become a model
6. a non factor
1. Guy 1 "Hold up ! I got a new girlfriend. She don't got no real job though. She wants me to take care of her since I got money ! So she can become a big time model."
Guy 2 " Yeah I don't think that's a good idea. She's a karrueche man ... you can to do better."

2. Girl 1 "Are you still friends with her?" Girl 2 "No! She wants me to find celebrities for her so she can become a somebody." Girl 1 "Oh that's just very bad girl, that's a karrueche for sure. I'll keep my distance." Girl 2 "Yeah you should! She's a leech sucking up on you."
#karrueche #leech #nobody #model #fame hungry
by unknown89127 May 29, 2012
1. Where Vietnam meets the Hood

2. Chris Brown's current girlfriend

3. The unnecessary and unprovoked target of hate attacks by Rihanna and her fans

4. A woman who carries herself better than her predecessor

5. An aspiring model who will make it far with her great attitude
"Who is that girl in that picture, the pretty Asian looking one? That Karrueche, Chris Brown's girlfriend"

"I am an aspiring model." "What like Karrueche?"
#karrueche #chris brown #kae #teambreezy #vietnamese
by Eevee21 August 06, 2012
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