someone who is absolutely worthless and yet they become more successful than those who actually contribute to society.
Televangelists make more money than teachers. They are such kardashians.
by BuffcoatandBeaver July 18, 2013
Synonym for trash, garbage, waste, etc.
"Honey! Have you taken out the kardashian yet? the kitchen reeks!"
by catsoncatz July 12, 2014
kardashian: When you deflate enough of the air out of your blow up doll to roll up the upper torso like a tube of toothpaste, leaving nothing but over-inflated buttocks and legs.
He had to kardashian his love doll so he could see less of what he was doing. It was the only way he could get his rocks off.
by ray leonicus January 05, 2015
A female that can only get attention and money by exploiting herself as a bitch or a whore.

Also synonymous with the female mustache.
"That girl seems popular, but without her Dads money and the drama all that's left is used meat and a bad attitude."

"Have you seen the kardashian on that girl? It would be like kissing Tom Selleck."
by Ajota December 31, 2013
The female equivalent of a douchebag.
That kardashian thinks she's better than everyone else.
by Dix Enormous September 07, 2013
A messed family that nobody really cares about except middle-aged women.
Mike: Does anyone really care about the Kardashians?
George: Only yoir mom, dude.
by winwinmomatter August 05, 2012
The biggest skank to walk the earth. An asshole who twerks and shows off her ass. GET A LIFE BITCHHHHHHHH
Dayum,Quit being a kardashian!
by Femmefatality115 August 09, 2015
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