A beautiful nobody........famous only thanks to physical attributes and free exposure via the internet.
Seems like everyday the world is in love with the latest Kardashian ....what have we become ?
by 2m8rh8r February 23, 2010
Huge fake boobs.
Look at Nicole's huge Kardashians!
by WhenIRap August 02, 2010
A word used instead of ass or butt.
Oh my god sami, my kardashian is still bruised from the carnival ride!

Sami: wow those black guys really like me!
Juan: i guess, but they were looking at your kardashian the whole time.
Sami: well i DO have a black girl's kardashian...
by Punaner June 16, 2008
simply put, someones ass
My jeans are too tight...my kardashian grew.

Hey Becca, your kardashian looks great in the skirt!
by Misha Toon December 05, 2007
An oberpopularized, messed up family that nobody really gives a shit about except middle-aged women.
Mike: Does anybody really care about the Kardashians?
George: Only your mom.
by manyou August 05, 2012
Armenian phrase adopted into the American lexicon. translated... " mamma be a pimp." Woman who runs her daughters as whores.sexworkerprogenitor
No wonder she got AIDS and her ass is in jail. Her mother was a kardashian.
by allendale August 11, 2012
Adj. A complete dumbfuck who will never amount to anything or ever have a life. Named after internationally renowned dumbfuck Kim Kardashian. A person who should kindly be put out of their misery. A person with the lowest possible IQ while still exhibiting brain stem function.
by Beastschnitzel July 15, 2012
A messed family that nobody really cares about except middle-aged women.
Mike: Does anyone really care about the Kardashians?
George: Only yoir mom, dude.
by winwinmomatter August 05, 2012

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