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A beautiful nobody........famous only thanks to physical attributes and free exposure via the internet.
Seems like everyday the world is in love with the latest Kardashian ....what have we become ?
by 2m8rh8r February 23, 2010
Verb: to become a superstar, simply by virtue of proclaiming oneself a superstar. Oh, and a strategically released sex tape never hurts.
Nobody knew who he was, until he Kardashianed himself.
by mulhollandmaestra July 21, 2011
A measurement of time for relationships; 72 days is equal to 1 Kardashian.
Daughter: We're getting married!!!

Mom: What? Married!? You two have barely been together for a year! That's crazy!!!

Daughter: Oh, whatever Mom, that's like 5 Kardashians!!!
by VoiceOfGosh November 03, 2011
Booger, snot, runny nose (spoiled)
My allergies were so bad I was launching Kardashians all day..

Did you see the kardashian tina had sticking out her nose? it was so big it was like looking at kims ass.

Mom-if you dont shut up, im gonna launch a Kardashian at you
by moneymakerwil April 17, 2011
n: a length of time equivalent to 72 days, in reference to the length of Kim Kardashian's past marriage.
"Man, it's been a Kardashian since I've started dating Kim. Do you think it's time to end it?"


"I've only had this microwave for a Kardashian and it's already crapped out!"
by Fluffy McPants November 08, 2011
A messed up family that nobody really cares about except lame middle-aged women with no life.
Mike: Dude does anybody even care about the Kardashians?
George: Only your mom, dude.
by yuareyou August 05, 2012
A kardashian is a unit of measure representing 72 days of marriage
My Parents are on their 23rd kardashian
by .M.D.R. November 19, 2011
n. A toxic blight on humanity.
Waste anymore money like that and you'll end up a Kardashian.
by ItsBozzie December 26, 2011